Apply to the Latinx Leadership Institute (LLI) program

Career Administrator

The Latinx Leadership Institute serves as a leadership development program to empower Hispanic/Latinx students in maximizing opportunities at UVA and beyond. By joining this organization as a participant, you will enhance your professional skills, learn about the complexities of the Hispanic/Latinx culture, and learn how to use your leadership potential to create action. Third year undergraduate Hector Quijano is serving as the Latinx Leadership Institute’s first Executive Director. The six-week program will launch this upcoming spring. 

What is the benefit of joining the Latinx Leadership Institute?

The Latinx Leadership Institute is designed to help first and second years recognize their professional, cultural, and personal limitations in order to navigate through or even remove them. The program aims to help participants recognize their strengths and how they can use them to pursue their endeavors. Whether it is applying for a major, a CIO, or a job, participants will leave the program confident and prepared to take on any challenge.

If you are interested in participating in LLI apply here or reach out to Hector at Attend one of the info sessions on Nov. 1st if you are uncertain about what to get involved in, question what skills you want to enhance or where can you find students with certain interests you want to explore.