Apply for a fellowship with the National Leadership Program!

Career Administrator

The National Leadership Program is for young leaders who are committed to disability issues and plan to go into careers in public policy, advocacy, communications, fundraising, nonprofit management or faith-based inclusion. The program enables participants to gain skills and contacts while making a positive difference for people with disabilities. They are seeking creative, results-driven individuals who want to achieve breakthrough results while getting hands-on experience. The Fellowship is for college and graduate students, as well as recent graduates.  Positions open right now include

  • Public Policy/Employment
  • Communications/Diversity in Film & Television
  • Program Development/Fundraising
  • Faith Inclusion

The National Leadership Program has three cohorts of Fellows – fall, spring and summer – for a total of at least 24 Fellows. They now are accepting applications for Spring 2018, which allows for flexible dates between January 2 and May 25, 2018 for a minimum of nine weeks. Applications for Summer 2018 also are open. The dates for Summer 2018 are June 4 – August 10, 2018, with room for flexibility.

Learn more about this program and how to apply here.