Apply to be a Sustainability Career Peer Educator

Career Administrator

Hi Students,

My name is Humna Sharif, and I am a 4th year Environmental Science and ETP major. I am also a Career Peer Educator with the UVA Career Center. At the Career Center, we have developed a sustainability vector to create comprehensive resources for students who would like to incorporate sustainability, and environmental awareness in their careers.

This vector was started in Fall 2017. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of sustainability, this new vector touches nearly all major fields at UVA. I work with Christie Julien- Career Counselor / Associate Director (Engineering, Science, and Technology & Sustainability Careers), and we are creating a diverse body of work where everyone from Environmental Science and Policy majors to Business and Education Majors can find useful information. For sustainably minded students this is a platform to connect with UVA alumni, explore majors, find internships and jobs, and incorporate sustainability in their careers.

I would like to invite you to be a part of this vector as a Sustainability Career Peer Educator (CPE) for the next academic year. Your major responsibility as a sustainability CPE will be to create a monthly sustainability newsletter that highlights various sustainability resources as well as career and internship opportunities.

This is a project area with plenty of creative freedom, and it is largely up to the CPE how they want to divide their time between the different tasks. If you have a desire to incorporate sustainability in your personal career, then being a CPE within this vector will allow you the opportunity to expand your own professional network as well.

Being a CPE is a paid UVA student positions, and the hourly compensation is $9.01/hr. As a CPE, your work week will be anywhere from 8-10 hours, and about half of this time will be spent on your project areas. All CPEs at the Career Center have general responsibilities which are in addition to your project area responsibilities. The potential for professional development as a CPE is immense, and at the Career Center you have a chance to work with an amazingly supportive group of people

All students applying to be a CPE have to fill out an application available on the Career Center webpage, and indicate their choice of project areas. More information, and the CPE application is available at the following link

I encourage you to apply, and become a part of this incredible program. Should you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact me or Christie at

Please note that the deadline to apply is February 9, 2018

You can also e-mail me directly at I would be happy to meet with interested applicants and talk more about the position. Personally, I have found being a CPE to be one of the most rewarding experiences at UVA. I was the very first Sustainability CPE, and was involved in the creation of this vector. Since I will be graduating soon, this job must get passed on to another student.