Another Way to Interview

Career Administrator

I'm back at it again with another resource for technical interviewing! is a new resource that was released this year that helps streamline the interviewing process software engineers. Best of all, IT'S COMPLETELY FREE TO USE(!!!)

What is Refdash: Refdash helps you find great companies to work at. We provide a platform where you interview at one place and use that information to apply to several companies and also skip their phone screens.

What is the process like: You choose when you want to interview based on your availability. We match you with the right interviewer based on your interests and give you feedback to help you master the skills you need. We then let you select companies that you are interested in and fast track you through their process.

Why you should check it out: Besides skipping phone screens we also give you guidance throughout the process, from interview prep, company discovery, all the way through thinking about different offers you end up getting. We're software engineers with a breadth of experience across many companies. We want to make sure that you find the best fit for you.

What type of interviews do they offer: The interview is aligned to a candidate's interest. Interview questions get tailored to a candidate and test candidate’s coding, algorithms and system design abilities.

What to expect from the interview process: The interview is done through an online video conference with tools inbuilt to help test your skills. One of our experienced interviewers will spend about an hour with you on a technical questions and give you detailed feedback on the things that you did well and suggest ways to improve.