All roads can lead to Sustainability

Career Administrator

Hi Students!
The Career Center has begun to work on a sustainability initiative with the Engineering, Science, and Technology community. The purpose of this Sustainability Initiative is to create comprehensive resources for students who would like to incorporate sustainability, and environmental awareness in their careers.

Due to the interdisciplinary nature of sustainability, it can touch nearly all major fields at UVA. We are creating a diverse body of work where everyone from Environmental Science and Policy majors, to Business and Education Majors can find useful information. For sustainably minded students this will be a platform to connect with UVA professors, gradaute students, and alumni, explore majors, find internships and jobs, and incorporate sustainability in their careers.

Every week on the Career Center website, we will publish blogs with information about job and internship opportunities, career exploration resources, upcoming sustainability CIO events, networking occasions with UVA faculty, staff, and alumni, as well as information about different majors and classes etc. that relate to sustainability.

To reach us you can send an e-mail to We would love to hear any ideas, thoughts or questions you have regarding the resources available at Career Center.

Read our next blog post to find out how you can learn about Environmental Science research at UVA.