6 Health Care Jobs That Don't Require Medical School

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If you're on the pre-med track and taking the world tour of life science courses, you know that those courses can be a bit of a grind.  It can also be a bit daunting to think of the years of graduate and professional training needed to be a clinician.  US News and World Reports offers 6 alternatives to consider before commiting to medical school. 


1. Genetic counselor: These health care professionals spend their days evaluating and counseling a patient or family members about a genetic risk or inherited condition, such as Down syndrome or cystic fibrosis.

2. Physical therapist: Employment in this profession is expected to grow 34 percent over 10 years – faster than the average of all occupations, estimates the BLS in its 2014 "Occupational Outlook Handbook."

3. Speech language-pathologist: This health care vocation is another field growing rapidly since speech language-pathologists treat a wide segment of the population. Some of their tasks are to treat and help prevent communication and swallowing disorders, such as those caused by a stroke or developmental delay.

4. Occupational therapist: These therapists work with a large cross section of the population, assisting children or adultsrecovering from an illness or diagnosed with a disability to develop skills needed for everyday activities.

5. Audiologist: These health care professionals use computers and devices to test a patient's hearing ability and balance. Audiologists treat patients with a variety of hearing problems or balance disorders, such as vertigo, or tinnitus, the constant ringing in one's ears.

6. Nursing practitioner, nurse anesthetist and advanced practice registered nurse:  "The programs are very attractive to students because of the Affordable Care Act, so more and more individuals are seeking nurse practitioner programs .Within a decade, there is a going to be a huge physician shortage and a lot of reliance on nurse practitioners and APRNs," Pallack says. "These nurse practitioners and APRNs are going to fill a gap within the health care system."

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