Career Peer Educator Application: Project Areas for 2022-2023

The Career Peer Educator (CPE) Application for 2022-2023 opens in January! Check Handshake for more details and the full application. This blog post contains the anticipated open CPE project roles for the 2022-2023 school year. As part of the application, you will be required to choose your top three preferences. Please note that these are subject to change and evolve based on our office needs, so it is important to be flexible. All CPEs will review resumes, deliver workshops, staff events and be trained on career content. The roles below determine what types of projects you will work on during your time as a CPE.

Career Peer Educator: Exploration Community

  • Provide programming support to the team during events such as COLA class presentations, workshops, Days on the Lawn Resource Fair, Family Weekend Open House and other major events

  • Support the development and curation of a weekly exploration newsletter and blog that focuses on aiding exploring students in the process of discovering major(s), events, internships, and full-time job opportunities in various fields

  • Contribute to presentations/special projects that target groups such as residence life, 1st/2nd year groups, etc.

  • Contribute to innovative programming ideas to support the Exploration mission

  • Example of personal project: 

    • Research and suggest new content or specialized content based on student needs for Exploration newsletter

    • Research different career exploration programs and services used by universities across the US

    • 1515 Transfer Student Coffee Chats, covering career center resources and advice for transfer students adjusting to life at the University of Virginia


Career Peer Educator: Business and Technology Community

  • Write blog posts and promotional content about Business and Technology related jobs and internship opportunities and initiatives around grounds

  • Create Business and Technology newsletter weekly highlighting career development advice, outside articles, job/internship opportunities, and events 

  • Research Business and Technology industry trends and develop new online career resources

  • Help with and create content for Business and Technology specific events

  • Example of personal projects: 

    • Scheduling and logistics for the DC Business Academy

    • Review content for Investment Banking recruiting prep newsletters

    • Present on personal branding and career center resources to Comm Cohort

    • Identify relevant CIOs for outreach


Career Peer Educator: Science and Sustainability Community

  • Write blog posts each week about science & sustainability related jobs and internship opportunities and initiatives around grounds

  • Create Science & Sustainability newsletter weekly highlighting career development advice, outside articles, job/ internship opportunities, and events 

  • Research Science & Sustainability industry trends and share with counselor and other students

  • Help with Science & Sustainability specific advising and events


Career Peer Educator: Public Service and Government Community 

  • Source content, format and send biweekly community newsletter

  • Curate and add new content to the Public Service community website (blogs, website page resources)

  • Develop and post original blog content on topics related to Public Service careers

  • Identify and connect with relevant student groups including supporting current partnership with the Public Service Committee of Student Council

  • Assist with Public Service Community programming and advising 

  • Example of personal project: 

    • Connected PSG Community with 5 advocacy/service-oriented organizations on Grounds

    • Developed a 10-minute video on how to craft a Federal Resume for the Career Center website 


Career Peer Educator: Creative Arts, Media, and Design Community 

  • Use professional email and phone communication to contact alumni and professionals to participate in CAMD programs

  • Research new online career resources and write original blog content to share across Career Center platforms 

  • Coordinate with students CIOs to establish relationships, develop new programs, and build community brand

  • Example of personal project: 

    • Coordinate and host an alumni virtual chat series to connect students with industry professionals

    • Collect employment data and create a slideshow to inspire students when choosing a creative major

    • Schedule and facilitate a series of career-related workshops for students in the School of Architecture


Career Peer Educator: Virginia Alumni Mentoring (VAM)/Life Transforming Programs

  • Support research, design, development, and future planning of life-transforming programs. Life-transforming programs blend career exploration, skill development, experiential learning, mentorship, and purposeful reflection for the ultimate goal of increasing students’ ability to flourish at UVA and beyond

  • Market VAM and experiential learning programs by attending in-person events (e.g., student activity fairs) and creating newsletters, blog posts, etc.

  • Manage day-to-day processes and run reports for the Virginia Alumni Mentoring program

  • Example of personal project:

    • Developing a CPE training program for VAM

    • Taking the Coursera: Design Thinking for Innovation course to learn about creative problem solving and explore ways in which the course can be improved

    • Researching UVA alumni skilled in Design Thinking, Project Management, and other in-demand skills


Career Peer Educator: Internship Placement Program (IPP)

  • Assist with IPP drop-in advising and programming, including the Intern Orientation and Professional Development Workshop

  • Curate and create content for the IPP website and marketing materials for IPP programs 

  • Develop and post original blog content on topics related to IPP, including featuring student, alumni, and internship spotlights

  • Example of personal project: 

    • Help coordinate the Intern Orientation and Professional Development Workshop. This workshop is an interactive event designed to prepare students for the transition to the professional workplace as they begin their IPP internship experiences

    • Support planning of IPP Supervisor Coffee Chats and site visits for new IPP internships


Career Peer Educator: Executive Team Member (Outreach, Recruitment)

  • Coordinates outreach requests with other student groups and faculty/staff on Grounds who request programs

  • Develops and oversees regular CPE communication in collaboration with the CPE Program Coordinator including the CPE Weekly Email Update, Timesheet Reminders and CPE Program Reminder Emails to student participants

  • Maintains data in the tracking system to ensure students attending events are recorded and follow-up surveys are sent

  • Coordinates presentations and technology reservations for CPE programs