Fall 2022 Law-Related Courses

Logan Reed

Looking for courses related to your interest in law during the Fall 2022 semester? Consider these law-related courses!

Please note, there are no pre-requisite courses for law schools. This list is merely a compilation of courses that may relate to your interests in law.

If you're looking for other ways to get involved and gain exposure to the legal field, check out these tips.

AAS 3810

Race, Culture and Inequality

AMST 3200

African American Political Thought

ANTH 1010

Intro to Anthropology

ANTH 3290

Biopolitics and the Contemporary Condition

COMM 1800

Foundations of Commerce

COMM 2730

Personal Finance

COMM 3410

Commercial Law I

COMM 3420

Commercial Law II

CS 1010

Introduction to Information Technology

DRAM 1020

Speaking in Public

ECON 2010

Principles of Microeconomics

ECON 2020

Principles of Macro Economics

ECON  4300

Public Choice

ECON 4350

Corporate Finance

ECON  4440

Economic Inequality

EDHS 1120

So You Want to Change the World - Foundations of Community Engagement

EDHS 2230

Drug Awareness

EDHS 2240

Substance Abuse

EDHS 2860

Fundamentals of Child Protection in Emergencies

EDHS 3100

Media Socialization, Racial Stereotypes and Black Adolescent Identity

EDLF 3420

Athletics in the University

EDLF 3491

Inequality in US Social Policy

ENTP 1010

Startup: An Introduction to Entrepreneurship

ENWR 2700

News Writing 

ENWR 2800

Public Speaking

ENGL 3572

Studies in African-American Literature and Culture

ENWR 3900

Career-Based Writing and Rhetoric 

GSGS 3100

Critical Conceptions of the Global

GSSJ 3010

Global Issues of Security and Justice

GSVS 3310

Sustainability Policy at Home & Abroad

HIST 3281


HIST 2213

The Rule of Law

LPPL 3210

Behavioral Sciences for Civic Leadership

LPPL 3450

Resilient Leadership for Teams and Teammates

LPPP 3200

Introduction to Public Policy

MDST 2000

Introduction to Media Studies

NUIP 2210

Foundations of Mindfulness Practice

PHIL 1000

Introduction to Philosophy

PHIL 1410

Forms of Reasoning 

PHIL 1730

Introduction to Moral and Political Philosophy

PHIL 2060

Philosophical Problems in Law

PHIL 3640

Political Philosophy

PHIL 3720

Contemporary Ethics

PHIL 3810

Sex, Sexuality, and Gender

PHS 4050

Public Health Policy

PHS 7050

Public Health Law, Ethics, & Policy

PLAP 2250

American Political Tradition

PLAP 3140

Mass Media and American Politics

PLAP 3400

American Political Economy

PLAP 4180

Political Advertising and American Democracy

PLAP 4500

Special Topics in American Politics

PLAP 4850

Seminar on Constitutional Law and Theory

PLCP 1010

Introduction to Comparative Politics

PLIR 1010

International Relations

PLPT 3020

Modern Political Thought

PLPT 3200

African-American Political Thought

PLPT 4305

American Political Thought to 1865

PLPT 4500

Special Topics in Political Theory

PPL 2010

Morality, Law, and the State

PSYC 4500

Special Topics in Psychology - Criminal Minds: The Science of Forensic Psychology

RELG 1500

Introductory Seminar in Religious Studies

RELG 3255

Ethics, Literature, and Religion

RELG 5559

New Course in Religion: Religion, State, Sovereignty

RELC 3245

Religion, Law, and Culture

SOC 1010

Introduction to Sociology

SOC 2052

Sociology of the Family

SOC 4559

New Course in Sociology: Race, Racism & Democracy: Sociology of DuBois

SOC 2230


SOC 3410

Race and Ethnic Relations

SOC 3820

Social Movements

SOC 4054

Political Sociology

STS 2500

Science and Technology in Social and Global Context

STS 2850

Government and Entrepreneurship

WGS 2100

Introduction to Gender and Sexuality Studies

WGS 2125

Race & Power in Gender & Sexuality

WGS 2600

Human Sexualities

WGS 2700

Men and Masculinities

WGS 3125

Transnational Feminism

WGS 3897

Gender Violence and Social Justice