How to Make Handshake Work For You

Kyle Hodges

Maybe you’ve created your Handshake profile, but aren’t exactly sure how to use it or how to see the jobs or events you want. We want to help you customize your account so that you are making the most of this great job search platform. 

The first thing you need to do is to update your Career Interests page. This is important for many reasons-- filling it out will help Handshake’s algorithm know what to recommend to you. Additionally the section that asks “Which of the following best matches your career interests?” allows you to check the boxes of the newsletter(s) you want to receive from the Career Center. This is the best way to stay updated with everything we have going on!

  • Pro Tip: In the section “What job roles are you interested in?”, start entering keywords for jobs that you are curious about and apply all of the relevant roles! You can go back and change this at any time. (See photo below)

Make sure that you finish up this whole page and "Save Your Career Interests" at the bottom!

When you navigate to the “Jobs” tab in Handshake, you might be overwhelmed with the number of results you see at first glance. Go to the “All Filters” button to begin applying filters so that you can see jobs that are more relevant to your interests. We recommend entering keywords for both job role and industry and applying all those that are related. From there, you can filter by job type, location, and more. Additionally, you could filter using the keyword search if you are looking for a very specific job! This will bring up all jobs that have your keyword in the title or job description. 

  • Pro Tip: The “Job Role” and “Industry” sections in All Filters cancel each other out, so we recommend applying one at a time to maximize the results that you see.

Once you start seeing a list of results that you want, you have the option of sorting them by “Relevance”, “Date Posted”, or “Application Deadline” and you can save your search so that you will receive alerts from Handshake when new opportunities are posted that match your preferences. 

After all of this customization, the next time you log in to Handshake, you should start seeing opportunities on the home page that are tailored to your interests and you can search for positions like a pro!

Want to see a video that walks you through this process? Check it out below!                                                                                                               


If you have questions about Handshake or applying for jobs, please make an in-person or virtual appointment using Handshake or you can stop by our drop-in hours on the second floor of Clemons Library (1pm-4:30pm) or 1515 (1pm-4:30pm) each weekday!