Capital Dermatology (Alexandria, VA) - Medical Assistant Wanted!

Claire Cornell

Full One Year Job Opportunity in the Washington D.C. area for a Highly Motivated Student Wishing To Pursue A Career in Medicine

Dr. Bruce Glassman, a general Dermatologist in Alexandria, Virginia is seeking individuals interested in a medical career for our year-long internship and medical assistant position. The position is ideal for the typical “bridge year” student who is graduating or has graduated from undergraduate school and has not yet applied or been accepted to medical school. This elite program is now in its 17th year with most graduates moving on to successful careers as physicians or physician’s assistants.

This position standardly is available beginning May 2021 through June 2022, but have recently had positions open that can start June, July, or August of 2021. The position is a full year commitment to the physician. Please only apply if you are available for a twelve-month period of time. Applicants will not be considered if they are currently applying for medical school to begin in the class of September 2021. Please do not apply unless you have completed your undergraduate degree by May 2021 or earlier.

Multiple applicants will be accepted for the position. This current year has a group of 18 highly qualified participants. A car is highly recommended for the position. The offering is an unparalleled clinical experience and is a once in a lifetime opportunity for anyone interested in the medical profession.

Medical Assistant in Dermatology office (Alexandria, VA):

  • Assist the physician with all patient care duties including triage of patients, scribing during visits using Electronic Medical Record (EMR) data entry, writing and understanding prescriptions and their uses, biopsy preparation and processing, preparing patients for surgery and assisting during surgeries, and helping with cosmetic procedures (Botox and fillers).
  • Assist patients by working with insurance companies and pharmacies, educating patients on pre- and postoperative care, calling patients with pathology results, and performing suture removals and laser treatments.
  • This opportunity affords the employee the opportunity to meet hundreds of patients per week, to develop the appropriate skills to further their career in the medical profession, and to learn the basics of dermatology.
  • The time commitment is approximately 30-40 hours/week.
  • The position is paying but more importantly the experience cannot be matched for someone interested in the medical field.

If interested please contact Dr. Glassman by email. Send your resume or CV to