Three Tips for Introduction to Consulting Night

Andrew Savage

Virtual recruiting events can be intimidating, and you might be entering the event feeling unsure of what to talk about and even what questions to ask. With so much networking happening virtually, these events provide a unique opportunity to connect with professionals in the field in a structured way. Here are three tips to make the most out of Introduction to Consulting Night:

  1. Be prepared: Research the organizations you are meeting with as well as the individuals you are meeting with. Check out their LinkedIn profile and connect with them before (or after) the session. Job searching is all about the relationships you form and that can start now. Check out these tips from Handshake on how to get prepared for your 1:1 session.
  2. Be curious: Ask thoughtful questions, whether it is about the latest project the consultant worked on or for more details about the recruiting timeline. These conversations are meant to be exploratory and help you determine if this is an area of interest for you. It also is way to build a meaningful connection for the future.
  3. Be enthusiastic: This is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about top firms across the country. It is also a way for you to jump start your search and learning process. The genuine enthusiasm you show, from the way you conduct yourself during the session to the way you follow up after, is something that people remember.