Resources to Prepare for Technical Interviews in Finance

Megan Saunders

What is a technical interview? Technical interviews are common amongst employers who are hiring for roles that require more technical abilities. The interview gives the employer the time to assess your technical ability and generally is one of the last rounds of the interview process.


Keep in mind that technical interviews can and will look different depending on the field in which you are applying to. For the purpose of this blog, I’d like to focus on technical interviews that are related to financial roles.


Although we do not offer technical mock interviews for students at the Career Center, we do have several resources that you can use to prepare! See below!


Check out our resources on the Business Handshake Card

  • Under Attachments:

    • PE Insider

    • IB Insider

    • S&T Insider

    • IB Workshop with VFI

    • Investment Banking Questions & Answers

    • Investment Banking Guide

    • Finance Interview Practice Guide

    • Wall Street Oasis Technical Interview Guide

  • Under Finance Resources:

    • Guggenheim Partners: 400 Investment Banking Interview Questions & Answers You Need to Know

Other resources:

Practice with alumni!


Take advantage of these resources, keep an eye out for employer-sponsored financial technical interviewing workshops in Handshake, and practice with your friends!

Not sure where to start? Schedule an appointment with a counselor today!