Post-Grad Funding Opportunities

Post-Grad Funding Opportunities

As an undergraduate at UVA, you have access to a wide array of opportunities, including several options for funding travel, study, and unpaid work. Although these opportunities are a little more difficult to find after graduation, there are still various ways to obtain funding for post-graduate experiences through UVA and external sources. 

We’ve compiled a list of a few post-grad funding opportunities below to get you started. This list is not exhaustive, but shows the variety of resources and pathways that exist. Many similar opportunities, and more information about post-grad opportunities, can be found at UVA’s Office of Citizen Scholar Development. Through this office, you can explore fellowship opportunities in the U.S. and abroad, and receive guidance throughout the application process. You can chat with a Career Counselor or a staff member in the Office of Citizen Scholar Development to learn more about what may be the right paths for you: 

JW Saxe Memorial Fund Prize

The J.W. Saxe Memorial Prize provides a $2,000 stipend so that students can take an unpaid or low-paying internship in the field of public service. Students arrange their own internships in the US or abroad, preferably before submitting applications. Previous recipients have worked with youth in New York City, AIDS programs in India, literacy programs with Aboriginal programs in Australia, as well as other such projects in North America, the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East, South America, Asia, the Pacific Islands, Australia, and Europe. This award is open to undergraduate or graduate students working in public service with demonstrated experience in public service activities. Financial need is considered. This scholarship has an application deadline of mid-March. For more information, please see the scholarship website.

Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace Fellowship

Offered to recent college and graduate school alumni to apply for full-time, six-to-nine month fellowships in Washington, DC. Outstanding individuals will be selected to work with nonprofit, public interest organizations addressing peace and security issues. Applications are especially encouraged from candidates with a strong interest in these issues who have prior experience with public-interest activism or advocacy. 

Samuel Huntington Public Service Award 

 A $20,000 stipend for a graduating college senior to pursue one year of public service anywhere in the world. The award allows recipients to engage in a meaningful public service activity before proceeding on to graduate school or a career.  

Ella Lynn Cabot Trust Grants

Supports personally meaningful projects which can also benefit other people in the U.S. or abroad. The project must be strategic and somehow unique for the individual. Individual grants range from $7,000-$12,000. The approximate deadlines for completed applications are April 1 and November 1. The preliminary proposal must be received well before those dates – generally by early to mid-March and early to mid-November.

Jessica Jennifer Cohen Foundation

This award provides financial assistance to students, freshmen through grad level, to enable them to perform community service that otherwise would be financially difficult for them to do so. Service may be through employment or other association with a nonprofit organization, through the development and execution of a person’s own program of community service, or through any other suitable community service activity. The deadline is rolling.

Sunshine Lady Foundation

This scholarship is through the private family foundation founded by the philanthropist Doris Buffett. It is dedicated to providing opportunities for the advancement of education, well-being and new life choices for disadvantaged people with special empathy for the working poor and families in crisis. Since its inception in 1996, the Sunshine Lady Foundation has awarded more than $100 million in grants. Applications are accepted year-round. 

Other Resources: 

There are also opportunities to make a profile on a website such as “Grants to Individuals.” Through this website, you can make a profile and individual grantors can choose to fund your project. 

You can also search for grants through the U.S. government at