Personal Assistant/Caregivers Wanted (Charlottesville, VA)!

Claire Cornell

We are desperately seeking 4-6 individuals to work part time, combined provide morning and evening personal assistance coverage 7 days per week.  This would be good clinical experience for person interested in nursing, medicine, physical therapy, or sports medicine.  Please see description she provided below.  Ms. Guerra sustained c5 level spinal cord injury in an automobile crash, March of 2018 when a tree fell on her car. She was treated at the UVA Emergency Department and subsequent ICUs.   She has no brain injury and is able to direct her care.  In addition, her household members speak English, Spanish, and Portuguese.


Personal Assistant / Caregiver for tetraplegic

I am currently seeking a sharp, caring, and responsible individual to assist me as my personal assistant and caregiver. Applicant needs to: feel comfortable with an in-home position. be able to work with and feel comfortable around my husband and two teenage sons. have reliable transportation to Charlottesville airport area. accept payment from the Virginia Department of Aging and Rehabilitation Services, min 18 years of age. work a schedule of 7am-11am or 8 pm-10pm, shifts are available Monday thru Sunday.

You will be assisting me with all aspects of my daily needs and acting as my hands and feet. Responsibilities include:

  • oral hygiene
  • bathing / shower
  • S.P. tube care
  • grooming
  • dressing
  • range of motion (exercise arms and legs)
  • exercising
  • transfers via Hoyer lift
  • cooking / feeding
  • cleaning of areas where work is performed
  • laundering linens / clothing

Pay rate starts at $16/hr. If interested please contact Patricia at (434) 226-0302.