'22-'23 Med School Applicants: UVA Advising Credential Program

Claire Cornell

The 2022-2023 Advising Credential participant eligibility, requirements, and number of accepted applicants is under review as of March 2021. However, we recommend meeting with a Pre-Health Advisor in Spring 2021 to ensure your eligibility for the '22-'23 Advising Credential Program!

Some medical schools require or highly value a holistic committee letter of evaluation from the undergraduate institution. The University of Virginia does not offer a committee letter. The lack of a committee letter has not interfered with the success of UVA applicants to medical school. Still, in 2016 the Health Professions Advising Task Force at UVA proposed the creation of a document which would help contextualize UVA applications from the institution’s point of view. The Pre-Health Advising Credential came out of this recommendation. The Advising Credential is sent alongside individual letters of recommendation in the AMCAS/AACOMAS applications and serves as a lens by which medical schools will review UVA participants.

Previous years' requirements included:

  • Indication of interest through an Advising Credential Survey in the Pre-Health Pulse in early January
  • Meeting with a pre-health advisor in the fall prior to application year
  • Meeting with a pre-health advisor at least once prior to that fall ^
  • Meeting with a pre-health advisor in spring of application year
  • Engagement in a number of pre-health advising activities focused on the application process

*Read about the previous requirements, details, and a sample of an Advising Credential here!