2020 PFIG Recipient Amelia Lindsey

Jessica Meyers

Journal Entry #1

This summer, I am working for EcoVadis, an international company which provides holistic Corporate Social Responsibility ratings to companies and their suppliers in order to help them and their supply chains become more sustainable and ethical. EcoVadis was based in Paris, but now has employees all over the world, which provides an exciting opportunity for students like me to work remotely and interact with many different people. As a Global Sustainability Major, it is particularly exciting and interesting for me to work at EcoVadis because I can learn so much about what goes into a sustainable and ethical supply chain. It’s a relatively new company, so they are very modern and innovative in their approach to how they do business and how they organize their teams.

At EcoVadis, I am an intern in the Marketing Department, which aims to connect EcoVadis with new customers and encourage them to seek its services. Since I have no prior experience in marketing, it’s a great opportunity for me to learn more about a new field and how marketing factors into my major. I’m learning new skills and doing research that will help me in future careers. In my first few weeks, I have spent time learning about EcoVadis and its different functions and departments, meeting members of the marketing team, and doing research for my boss. I have been collecting data for a project we are working on and compiling it for easy comparison.

Since my internship started and will end remotely, partially because of COVID-19 but also because I do not live near an EcoVadis office, I will only meet people over video calls. Although we are all far apart while working from home, they provide weekly team-building activities in order to boost morale and connect all of us. Working from home gives me a lot of flexibility and I really like that aspect of the job. I think that working at EcoVadis will be a valuable experience for me because it shows me how sustainability connects to the corporate world, what motivates companies to pursue sustainability, and why sustainable supply chains are so complicated. All of this connects to my passion for the environment as well as ethical sourcing, and gives me a broader understanding of sustainability on a global scale. I am looking forward to learning much more in the coming months, and I hope that as an intern I can contribute to EcoVadis’ mission myself.

Journal Entry #2

As the summer progresses during my internship with EcoVadis, I’ve completed several projects. After learning all about the company and meeting other members of the team, I started by researching learning management systems and comparing and contrasting them in Google Sheets to help my boss decide between them. This took me a couple of weeks, as I first looked up online classes that already existed to scan them for content and then researched LMS providers who offer a platform on which to build courses. I learned a lot about how classes are created, why different platforms are more or less useful than others, and how consulting is used in different companies.

Now, we have moved into the stage of looking at demos for certain programs. We have Zoom meetings with representatives from the different providers so that we can learn more about them. It’s interesting to meet new people completely virtually, and to be helping with decision-making without ever meeting in person. I am also doing other research for the Marketing department, such as finding notable people in the field of sustainability and business ethics that may be useful to collaborate with. I never knew before my internship that there are celebrities in the world of academics, influencers for the sustainability world. It’s very interesting and many of the people I find are very accomplished.

Overall, I’m really enjoying my internship. The flexibility of working from home is definitely a plus, although I will admit that sometimes it can be hard to focus when working from home because of distractions like family members or my roommate talking, noises outside, and of course all of the things I have available to do in my home that aren’t usually in an office. Still, I am doing my best to be an asset to the team and look forward to the other projects I will complete during the remainder of my internship with EcoVadis.

Journal Entry #3

With only 3 weeks left of summer, my internship in the marketing department of EcoVadis is coming to a close. It’s been 2 months of fun, interesting work, and I’ve learned quite a bit along the way about marketing, working remotely, and the sustainable supply chain industry. I definitely think that my time management skills have been put to the test while working at home with many days lacking external structure. It’s been difficult to focus at times when working from home, and difficult to motivate. However, coming out of this experience, I think that it was a valuable preparation for entering the workforce next year. Teleworking might be much more common in the coming years and I’m happy to have had the opportunity to experience it before my first full-time job after college.

Working in a field I had never studied or worked in before was challenging at first. I didn’t know many of the terms and had to do a lot of studying in order to keep up. However, I feel much more well-rounded after this summer, and know that everything I learned will stick by me as I begin looking for a full-time job next year. I never knew how intertwined the different departments of a company are, nor how many connections there are between industries, and companies that seem unrelated. I would advise future interns not to be afraid to go for jobs in fields they might not know too much about – it’s important to expand your perspective and library of knowledge whenever you can.

Nothing about this summer was what anyone could have expected. I feel lucky to have been awarded this grant, as it allowed me to gain work experience during a summer when many internships and programs were hindered by the pandemic or even canceled. I definitely won’t be afraid to apply for jobs in places that I hadn’t considered possible for me before, and use my newfound experience in marketing and research to pursue the career of my dreams!