Children's Heart Institute: Medical Assistant Wanted!

Claire Cornell

Children’s Heart Institute in Herndon, VA is currently looking for another medical assistant to fill the role of head of diagnostic testing.

As a specialized dysautonomia clinic we specialize in treating patients with POTS (Post Orthostatic Tachycardic Syndrome) and your job will be to help assistant in the diagnostic process by performing:

  • Tilt table tests
  • Nerve conduction studies
  •  Transcranial Dopplers
  • Autonomic testing
  • QSART sweat testing
  • Stress tests
  • Balance testing
  • and Neurocognitive testing.

This job is full time (9am-5pm), requires a minimum 1 year commitment, and prior medical assistant/tech experience is preferred but not required.

This job is perfect for any pre-Med/pre-PA students who recently graduated or is looking to graduate in December 2020. This job is also a great resume builder for your gap year as you also have the chance to publish clinical research on the side and build upon research by previous students who have now gone onto medical schools such as Cornell and UVA.

To apply: please send your CV/resume to ( or if you have any questions about the job please feel free to reach out via email also.