Hoos in Education #1: Kyle McCartin

Dreama Johnson

Kyle McCartin

Resource Teacher | Bishop O’Connell High School

B.A. in Anthropology, 2012 and M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction, 2013

Our Education & Youth Development CPE Kirstena talked with UVA alum Kyle McCartin about his path to working in education and his advice for students considering EYD careers.

During his time at UVA, Kyle majored in Anthropology with a minor in Environmental Sciences. Kyle was a 3 year letterman on the football team and involved with the Athletes Committed to Excellence (ACE) program. Additionally, he was involved in community service, including volunteering with the Boys and Girls Club and participating in fundraisers for nonprofit events and organizations as a member of the football team. After completing his bachelor’s degree, he earned a master’s in Curriculum and Instruction through the Curry School. While pursuing his M.Ed. degree, Kyle was grateful to have the chance to learn from professionals with years of hands-on experience who were eager to share their expertise, which helped prepare him to work in education.

After completing his degrees, Kyle moved to California, where he served in a few different roles, including working part-time with local school programs and camps through the YMCA and serving as a football coach and vocational teacher at a high school, where he worked with students with IEPs. When Kyle moved back to Virginia, he started working as a Resource Teacher at Bishop O’Connell High School, where he has been for the past four years. His previous experience working in special education made him a perfect fit to join the staff at Bishop O’Connell’s Muller Center, which serves students with special educational needs to help them thrive in a college-prep environment.

In addition to helping students acclimate academically, Kyle instills confidence in his students as they learn to self-advocate and adjust to their school environment. Kyle described that part of his job is “providing ‘tools’ for their kit” so that his students are better equipped to navigate situations in school, but also in their adult lives after graduation. He enjoys that his position allows him to get to know students individually and witness their personal growth over time. While serving in a fulfilling role that enables him to connect one-on-one with students, working as an educator has also allowed Kyle to take on extra roles within his school community, including coaching and leading other student activities.

For students interested in pursuing careers in education, Kyle recommended getting involved and exploring the field now. There are lots of ways to explore opportunities in the field of education, including shadowing or volunteering to tutor in local classrooms. Additionally, working to build your network is a great way to get connected in the field of education and learn about different professional experiences. Kyle advised that, “There are so many great professors and people at UVA who are consistently willing to go above and beyond to help you meet your goals – you only need to ask!”

If you’re interested in learning more about Kyle’s story and the work he does, you can connect with him through Virginia Alumni Mentoring