Lab Techs Needed: UVA Saliva Lab

Claire Cornell

Looking for recent graduates or other students taking a gap year to start working immediately! 

The positions: 

  • Two Specimen Tech level is $17/hour  arrive early morning ideally 6:00 am work 8 hour shift or come in work evening shift 5 or 6:00 pm work 8 hour shift. Process the samples that were collected the day before. Or come in late and do them and get them onto the 96 well plates
    • We are desperate so if willing to work, but want less hours, we would still be interested.
  • Two PCR Tech level is $22/hour: Prepping the PCR plates and complete the all PCR runs. 


We need anyone who knows how to micropipette ---  using a p200 and a p20 pipette is a must.

They need to know about BSL2 safety precautions.

Knowing how to use of a repeater pipet would be helpful but can be shown to them.

Anyone with decent molecular biology lab experience should be able to do these things.


Knowing how to use a multichannel pipette would also be useful but can be shown to them.

They need to be able to work under pressure and with distractions going on.

Knowing how to work in PCR prep in biosafety cabinet would be great but could be taught.

Knowing something about PCR would be useful but not critical.



Melissa Henriksen or Becca Latimier