Technical Details for Fall 2020 Virtual Career Fairs

Kyle Hodges

We know that our new virtual environments can present quite a challenge and that technical difficulties can be a pain, especially when you are trying to navigate a big event like a career fair. We've learned some tips and tricks that will help you to troubleshoot any issues that you may experience in Handshake. Check them all out below!

  • Make sure that you have completed our On-Grounds Interviewing (OGI) survey before registering for any virtual event by the Career Center. 
  • In order to participate in one on one conversations with employers and group information sessions, your profile privacy level must be set to "Community." Learn how to do this here
  • Make sure that your Handshake Profile is up to date with your class year, major(s), graduation year, and GPA; some employers have set qualifications to define who can sign up for their sessions, so make sure that you have these fields filled out to ensure you qualify. 
  • If you are searching for sessions within Handshake and it says "No Sessions Available" under an employer you are hoping to talk to, don't panic. This is because that employer has not put their schedule in Handshake yet, so keep checking back closer to the date of the event to find the times of their sessions. 
  • If you have registered for employer sessions in advance, you can find them all by going to "My Sessions" under the career fair page in Handshake. Here, you will find links to join the video chats with employers with the "Join Video" button.
    • This button will not turn blue and allow you to enter until 5 minutes before your scheduled session. If the session is supposed to start and it is not working, it is likely because the employer has not started the session on their end, so give them a few minutes to join. 
  • Check your technology with Handshake's Video Requirements and Troubleshooting Guide. NOTE: Many Safari users have reported tech issues. Use Chrome or Firefox for the best experience. 
  • Test your audio and video beforehand by going to "My Sessions" under the event page in Handshake. NOTE: Airpod users have reported audio difficulty; please plan on a back up audio solution. 
  • Make sure that you know how to sign up for and manage career fair sessions. Read this article for tips. 
  • TIP: You should sign up for sessions in advance as much as possible, but if you find gaps of time in your schedule, know that you can join any available sessions on the day of the event up until a minute before they are supposed to start. 

Please reach out to us if you have any questions at all! You can find us for virtual drop-in appointments every weekday from 12pm-4pm on our website 

Looking forward to virtually seeing you this fall!