Challenges and Misconceptions of Gaining Employment in the U.S.

Dreama Johnson

These are common challenges and misconceptions U.S. employers may hold about international student applicants.

Hiring Complexities:

Employers are unfamiliar with the process of hiring an international student and therefore believe it to be complicated and expensive. 

Current Immigration Climate:

Employers are concerned future legislation might change or impact their ability to hire or retain international employees.

Visa Quotas:

Because work in the U.S. is not guaranteed, nor promised, to international students entering the country on a student visa, and quotas are set on the number of skilled foreign workers legally permitted in the country, you will experience challenges trying to find employment.

Lack of Commitment to the Job:

Employers fear that foreign nationals will return to their home country after a year or two and are therefore reluctant to invest time and resources into training them.


Employers are concerned about foreign nationals’ ability to communicate effectively in verbal/written English with their team or clients.

Employment Restrictions:

In general, you must be a U.S. citizen to work for the U.S. Federal Government as well as for private companies contracted by the government. Some local and state governments may be more open. Your visa status will be less of an absolute barrier with other industries/employers.