Pre-Health Virtual Drop-Ins (Mon-Thurs 12-4PM)

Claire Hampton

Pre-Health Virtual Drop-Ins

Interested in speaking with a Pre-Health Advisor? Unable to find an appointment time that works with your schedule? Join us for a virtual drop-in appointment from 12-4PM on Monday through Thursday! 

Follow the instructions below - but request "I'm here for Pre-Health CR/NC AMA" or "I'd like to speak with a Pre-Health Advisor about CR/NC" to connect with us!

How to Start a Pre-Health Virtual Drop-In 

1. Visit our general website at during the times specified above (Mon-Thurs, 12-4PM).

2. You will see an orange Rotunda icon (like the image on the right) in the bottom right corner with "Zoom with an advisor now" underneath.

3. Click "Zoom with an advisor now" and fill out the short form with your Name and your Email address. You will then be connected to a greeter in real-time!

4.Tell them in the chat "I am looking for Pre-Health Advising" or  "I'd like to connect with a Pre-Health Advisor."

5. You will then be transferred to the Pre-Health Advisor available at that time! 

Once a Pre-Health Advisor begins chatting with you, you are in a Virtual Drop-In! From there, you and your Pre-Health Advisor are able to Zoom each other when the Advisor provides their Zoom link. 

We look forward to seeing you all in Virtual Drop-Ins!