PRISM Spine and Joint: Clinic Coordinator Wanted!

Claire Cornell

Clinic Coordinator at PRISM Spine and Joint (

Position Description

In this position, you will interact with complex patients requiring multidisciplinary care.  You will be their primary point of contact, the person who makes sure that patients have to-do lists and receive appropriate follow-up, and their navigator as we provide referrals and imaging orders, etc. You will be responsible for complex scheduling of patients who see multiple providers multiple times per week (about 40 active patients at a time in your census). You will answer phone calls (about 10-12 per day) and schedule appointments for these patients and new patients, communicate with patients and other medical practices via email, and serve as a liaison between the clinical team and the patients on administrative and clinical matters.  Excellent organizational and time management skills as well as ability to effectively use EMR (training provided) will be necessary to succeed.
If clinical observation hours required/desired, can arrange for candidate to round w physician on weekends.


  • Perfect for Pre-Med, Pre-Social Work or Pre-PA, etc.  
  • 40k plus bonus
  • Medical/vision/dental insurance.


  • In our office, we function as a team and successful applicant will have a record of being a team player and excellent references.  
  • Experience in medical office or hospital (volunteer work acceptable) REQUIRED.  
  • GPA 3.3 or above.  

Please email your CV or resume to