Human Capital Consulting

Andrew Savage

What is Human Capital Consulting?

Put simply, it is anything that is people related at an organization. Sometimes it is more functional HR with a new talent acquisition approach because the world of work is changing and how to we train people to function in this new world. It may also be focused around mergers and acquisitions, which is a bulk of the work. There is also culture transformation, which involves finding ways to help people not to leave within 6 months of starting a job. The biggest bucket of work is within change management where an organization is going through a change and the people within need to adopt it.  

Liberal Arts and Consulting

Recruitment efforts are trying to broaden horizon and the pools they recruit from. Liberal arts backgrounds and majors help to provide important skills like communicating effectively and how to write well. It is also so important to be able to create an argument be able to defend it which is another key element of a liberal arts curriculum.

Likes and Challenges

As a consultant, you have the ability to learn a lot very quickly. Another perk is the traveling and overall lifestyle, there is never a dull moment and you are always on the move.

One of the challenges you will hear relates to work life balance. Over the years, it has improved but you typically travel Monday through Thursday which does present a difference than a traditional 9-5 job. As it relates to time management, be careful not to overcommit because there is never a lack of work. Many companies will have working groups or committees you can take part of to gain exposure and build community. Absolutely take advantage but be careful not to overcommit yourself and burn out.  

One thing you can do now

Network. Reaching out to UVA alumni is hugely beneficial. Even as a consultant, the skill of networking can help to leverage for projects. Colby shared that he reached out to UVA alumni via LinkedIn during his search process with great results.


Do something you are passionate about. Leadership is important skill within consulting as is being able to work on a team effectively. When thinking about involvement, it doesn’t have to be a Consulting Club, it just needs to be something that you are interested in. Make sure you are able to demonstrate that you have the important skills within those organizations so you can speak to it on resumes and interviews. Lastly, leverage the UVA resources that you have access to. There are many at your fingertips to help make this process as smooth as possible.