Commitment to Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, and Anti-Racism Statement

Black Lives Matter

The UVA Career Center’s employees are filled with grief by the murder of George Floyd. Due to longstanding violence deployed against the Black community executed by police and justice systems, we now say George Floyd’s name alongside Michael Brown, Breonna Taylor, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, and so many others. Black lives matter and our office stands with the victims of race-based violence and marginalization. Our employees, colleagues, and students of color are grieving, and we join in this lament.  

From building experience for a resume to the interview process, Black students face unique challenges due to generations of systemic racism. It is our goal to provide a career development process that stands with Black students and validates their experiences as they face unjust challenges both at UVA and beyond. We must strive to do better and be actively anti-racist for the sake of our Black students because Black lives matter.  

In recent days, there have been many statements like the one here. By making this statement, we hope to say to our Black students and Black colleagues: You belong here, the UVA Career Center is for you. We are committed to continuing the process of bettering ourselves, services, and programs to ensure our Black students, and all marginalized groups, know that our office is for them, values them, listens to them, cares for them, and stands with them as we attempt to fulfill our mission of engaging and supporting students in the discovery and pursuit of meaningful lives. 

In solidarity,

The UVA Career Center Team