Fall 2020 Law-Related Courses

Claire Cornell

Looking for courses related to your interest in law for the Fall 2020 semester? Consider the law-related courses below!

Please note, there are no pre-requisite courses for law school. This list is merely a compilation of courses that may relate to your interests in law.

If you're looking for other ways to get involved and gain exposure to the legal field, check out these tips or consider checking in with the Career Center's other Communities, like Exploration and Public Service & Government.

AAS 2224 Black Feminities & Masculinities in the US Media
AAS 3810 Race, Culture and Inequality
AAS 4501 Black Power
ANTH 2375 Disaster
ANTH 3265 Culture, Spaces, and Worldviews of International Aid
ANTH 3290 Biopolitics and the Contemporary Condition
ANTH 3325 Capitalism: Cultural Perspectives
COMM 1100 Understanding the World of Business
COMM 2730 Personal Finance
COMM 3410 Commercial Law I
COMM 3420 Commercial Law II
COMM 3880 Global Sustainability
DRAMA 1020 Speaking in Public
ECON 2060 American Economic History
ECON 3050 The Economics of Welfare Reform
ECON 3330 Public Choice
ECON 3559 Sustainability Economics
ECON 4150 Economics of Labor
ECON 4190 Industrial Organization
ECON 4210 International Trade: Theory and Policy
ECON 4310 Economics of the Public Sector
ECON 4320 Economics of Urban Areas
ECON 4440 Economic Inequality
EDHS 1120 So You Want to Change the World: Foundations of Community Engagement
EDHS 2840 Intro to Youth & Social Innovation
EDHS 2860 Fundamentals of Child Protection in Emergencies
EDHS 3250 Professional Development & Team Dynamics
EDLF 3240 Education in Multicultural Societies
EDLF 4080 US Education Policy
EDLF 4610 Civil Rights Movement and Education
EDLF 4620 International Human Rights Activitism & Education
ENWR 2520 Writing Across Cultures
ENWR 2800 Public Speaking
HIST 3281 Genocide
HIUS 2003 Slavery & Freedom at UVA and in VA: History & Legacies
HIUS 3753 The History of Modern American Law
LPPL 2100 The Resilient Student: Transition, Thriving, and Leadership
LPPL 3210 Introduction to Civic Leadership
LPPL 3260 Value and Bias in Public Policy
LPPP 3200 Introduction to Public Policy
LPPP 3250 Global Development Policy
LPPS 3240 Terrorism and Counterterrorism
LPPS 3310 Police-Community Relations: Problems and Prospects
LPPS 3360 From Inequality to Action
LPPS 3370 Trauma and the US Public School System
MDST 3405 Media Policy & Law
PHIL 1730 Introduction to Moral and Political Philosophy
PHIL 2420 Introduction to Symbolic Logic
PHIL 3710 Ethics
PLAN 3060 Law, Land, & the Environment
PLAP 1010 Introduction to American Politics
PLAP 3400 American Political Economy
PLAP 3810 Constitutional Interpretation: Separation of Powers & Federalism
PLCP 3120 Politics and Political Economy of the Welfare State
PLIR 3080 International Politics in the Nuclear Age
PLPT 3200 African-American Political Thought
PHS 4050 Public Health Policy
PSYC 1010 Intrducotry Psychology
PSYC 2600 Introduction to Social Psychology
PSYC 3420 The Nature Nurture Debate
RELG 3605 Religion, Violence, & Strategy: How to Stop Killing in the Name of God
RELG 3820 Global Ethics & Climate Change
SOC 1010 Introductory Sociology
SOC 2220 Social Problems
SOC 2230 Criminology
SOC 2442 Systems of Inequality
SOC 2595 Immigration & Society
SOC 3056 Culture and Power
SOC 3410 Race and Ethnic Relations
SOC 3820 Social Movements
SOC 4054 Political Sociology
SOC 4230 Deviance & Social Control
SOC 4750 Racism
WGS 2897 Gender Violence & Social Justice
WGS 3105 Issues in LGBTQ Studies
WGS 3110 Queer American History
WGS 4350 Comparative Gender Stratification