2020 Startup Internship Reflection: Rohvi, Jack Liu

Internship Reflection by Rohvi, Jack Liu

My name is Jack Liu, and I am a first-year currently studying computer science in the School of Engineering at UVA. For this past spring semester, I have been interning part-time with Rohvi, a startup originally founded in Charlottesville that focuses on clothing recommence. What is special about Rohvi is that they help the retailer connect with their customers to offer highly personalized offers and help retain customer engagement instead of losing them to third-party buyback companies. They have already worked with several local retailers and are currently working on expanding to larger companies.

My role within Rohvi for this internship was to work on the backend which is based on Python. Without getting too much into the details of what I did, the primary tasks I was in charge of was automating portions of the buyback process. In particular, automatically generating mailing labels and receipts for customers after they accepted an offer. For this, I had to work with many RESTful API’s to connect services together and pass information down the chain to make sure all documents were as personalized as possible. This involved figuring out ways to pass item descriptions from initial offer email to a form where the user inputs their mailing information, and finally to the receipt generated at the end.

Throughout these projects, I would constantly be given problems that needed to be solved, but it was up to me to decide how to best accomplish it. Therefore, a lot of my time was not only spent coding, but also researching different technologies and libraries that exist that can help accomplish the tasks given to me and the company. I also learned a lot of technical skills through this internship as well as there were many times where I would be working with something I had never before seen, and I had to rely on sources I could find from the internet along with the guidance from my mentors at Rohvi.

In terms of communication, I had biweekly checkup meetings to make sure I was keeping pace as this was a remote internship. Every Thursday I would have a Zoom video conference on what I did the previous week and my goals for the next, and on Sunday I would report my progress halfway through the week. There were also open lines of communication through Slack where I could message anyone if I had a question or needed advice which I really appreciated.

Overall, I have enjoyed my time working with Rohvi immensely. While sometimes it has been difficult fitting in the time to work on the internship while also managing my daily course load, it has been an amazing learning experience for me. In particular, I loved working for a startup because it gives me the feeling that what I do is important but also, I have the freedom to make decisions for myself and really have an impact on the company. It is very rewarding to know that the work I have done, and will do, is valued by the company and might be a part of it even after this semester is over. I am very excited to see what the next half of this internship brings.