2020 Startup Internship Reflection: Charlottesville Renewable Energy Alliance, Yewon Choi

This semester, I have had the unique opportunity to intern with the Charlottesville Renewable
Energy Alliance, a non-profit trade organization that strives to make the Charlottesville area
more sustainable by working towards establishing a stronger renewable energy presence. Our
mission statement is as follows: “To enable the growth and success of the local renewable
energy industry through collaboration, community, and economic development.”

s far as my responsibilities go as an intern, I have really enjoyed working alongside the
Executive Director in brainstorming ideas for our newsletters and blogs. We are currently
working on regularly updating our website with relevant blog posts on renewable energy
development and other initiatives related to sustainability within the Charlottesville area and
beyond. Additionally, a project that we are focusing on this semester is uploading more
interesting content on our Facebook page and building an Instagram profile. This will allow us to
further connect with for-profit clean energy companies and advocate for the growth of the
renewable energy economy in Charlottesville.

I have learned a lot about the logistical tasks of digital marketing and running an alliance as well
as the creative components that come along with it. Merging the two together was an interesting
observation I made throughout my time with CvilleREA, as I realized that with the onset of digital
technology and the growing media industry, it is important to consider different marketing
strategies relating to the use of digital platforms to further achieve our mission. I am now familiar
with website building platforms such as WIX, newsletter sites like MailChimp, and Canva
visuals/infographics. I really enjoy the flexibility of this internship, as I have the freedom to
experiment and get creative with the design of our website, content for our newsletters/blogs,
and the overall inner workings of a small non-profit organization with the Executive Director.
All in all, I am very fortunate to be able to have this opportunity with CvilleREA and am grateful
for the organization. It has expanded my knowledge of clean energy companies in the area as
well as the industry as a whole. I am looking forward to all that I will continue to experience and
contribute to the remainder of the semester.