Translating Extracurricular Experience Into Public Service Work: Emily Lloyd

Emily Lloyd, UVA ‘14, One Love Foundation 

“Being open minded to learning new things means being willing to be involved in new things.”  

Our PSG CPE Maya chatted with UVA alum Emily Lloyd about how a club she joined late in her college career shaped her entrance into the professional world.

Although it might seem that your club involvement during first-year will define the rest of your four years, Emily Lloyd proved the opposite during her time at UVA. Lloyd found a new passion late in her UVA career. After an internship with the Maxine Platzer Lynn Women’s Center the summer after her third-year, Emily joined One Less, a sexual violence protection group on-grounds during her fourth year. She remembers giving presentations to Greek organizations about consent, sexual violence, and healthy relationships. She even co-lead a presentation for One Less to the swim team, of which she was an active member.  

Lloyd says that her work with One Less gave her “real, tangible knowledge about the issue, and experience talking to young people about it,” that she would not have acquired in-class. It was this experience, Lloyd says, that helped her land a job with AmeriCorps at a domestic crisis center after graduation. 

After one year in New Hampshire, Emily worked for another crisis center in her home state of Maryland. Although the work she was doing was interesting and important to her, Emily was getting frustrated that there was a lot of attention focused on the aftermath of abusive relationships, and little done to prevent abusive relationships before they began. It was at about this time that the One Love Foundation was founded in honor of Yeardley Love: a UVA student who tragically lost her life at age 22 due to an abusive relationship in 2010. In Fall of 2015, right as One Love started its healthy curriculum education at college campuses, Emily connected with the foundation and was hired as a program coordinator. 

“I thought that I knew everything, and that swimming was number one in my life,” Emily explained about the beginning of her time at UVA, “but just because you’ve started down this one path-- this one club or fraternity or sport-- doesn’t mean that you have to base your identity at UVA off of that one thing.” It was only late in her college career that Emily found the passion that would influence her professional life and career. “Join all the clubs that you can and try new things and keep this attitude of exploration that you bring into first year into the rest of college and into the professional world,” Emily advises current UVA students interested in breaking into the nonprofit world. “Intellectually and personally, there are a lot of things to continue to learn out of classes, and out of college.” 

Interested in learning more about Emily's story or the work she has done? You can connect with her through Virginia Alumni Mentoring!