Spring 2020 Intro to Consulting Night Recap

Megan Saunders
Spring 2020 Intro to Consulting Night

On Wednesday, March 25th the UVA Career Center hosted Intro to Consulting Night, which was nothing less than a successful event. The event highlighted how the field of consulting works and the nuances involved. In specific, the event was a great resource for students interested in entering the field of consulting. It started with a discussion on the recruitment timeline, also referred to as the 80/20 rule, which outlined how 80% of the consulting offers come during 20% of the year. Professor Boler discussed the importance of organizing your calendar and following the deadlines accurately in order to receive a job or internship offer. 

Afterward, the conversation outlined what a consultant truly does. What are the typical job duties? What does a typical day look like in the field of consulting? What does it take to be successful? While the field of consulting may seem confusing and intimidating, the recruiters talked about the importance of basic skills like note-taking, knowing how to put clients at ease.  They said how these skills are more essential than anything in consulting and how acing consulting isn’t a concept of astrophysics that is impossible to decipher and understand, but instead, basic skills like these make a successful consultant. 

The recruiters also talked about how it isn’t necessary to be a Commerce major in order to enter the field of consulting; In fact, they hire more people from majors outside of Commerce. The event then moved to discuss mock interviewing, facilitated by Associates and Analysts at Bain (Jordan Rothwell & Jenna Gustafon), who ran us through a case about Soda co, Drink co and bubbly drinks which were extremely insightful and helped us delve deeper into the intricacies of case prep. They also gave us tips for case interviews, which included but were not limited to, reading books, watching videos, PRACTICING. Yes, they said practicing is *the most* important thing to ace case interviews. 

The event concluded with employers like Bain, IBM, EY, Accenture, Mastercard, and McKinsey & Company who talked about the recruiting process. In a nutshell, the consulting night was a highly resourceful event for anyone and everyone interested in entering the field of consulting. My takeaways from the event can’t be described in words. 

-Udhava Gupta, Class of 2023