2019 Startup Internship Reflection: iLab Catalyst Program, Zichao Hu

Internship Location: iLab Catalyst Program

This semester I participated in the iLab Catalyst Program to work with local startup company and helped them build out their product as a software engineer intern. Now I have been working with them for almost half of the semester and I have learned quite a lot from this experience. This internship is very meaningful to me because it is the first job I ever had in my life. Though I had organized and managed computer science side projects before, I have never quite had the real experience to work in the industry. Thus, I value this opportunity a lot and am ready to spend time on building out the product. Through this experience, I have learned quite a lot of nowadays industry practices, standards and conventions. All of those are things I cannot easily obtain from my class study nor my side projects. Especially, as I constantly remind myself that this is real production based instead of development based, I realize I am pushed to think way beyond the implication of my engineering decisions since usually, a decision comes with a tradeoff and I have to consider both the pros and cons of those.

Throughout this process, I have taught myself a lot and improved my skills of looking up documentation. Specifically, I learned much on azure web app, CI/CD, active directory, angular.js and typescript. The experience has been very fruitful and as I continue working for the company, I will get more things done as well as learn much more on the related subjects.