2019 Startup Internship Reflection: East Point Energy, Teagan Baiotto

Internship Location: East Point Energy

This semester, I have been gaining incredible professional experience at East Point Energy. The office is an extremely warm and welcoming environment with some of the liveliest people I have met. Having just learned about sustainable energy systems and the electricity grid in-depth last semester, it has been very reassuring to be able to go into that field and directly apply the knowledge I gained.

East Point Energy is a utility-scale battery-storage development firm – meaning they design the plans for large battery units that connect to the grid. These battery projects promote the implementation of more renewables into the grid due to their increased practicality and they generally increase grid stability. Since the cost of lithium-ion batteries has come down significantly in recent years, they have begun to see implementation across the grid.

My biggest project this semester has been the alteration and automation of their project site prospecting system. By integrating Python with GIS (Geographic Information Systems), I have been able to create a powerful set of tools for the company which will hopefully save them time and increase their opportunities. I have worked with ArcGIS, a spatial analyst and map-making program, for several years, but never with the detail required in my project this semester.

Beyond that project, I have worked with the project developers at East Point on all kinds of various tasks that play into – what their title suggests – developing projects. This may include reading documents about a state’s plan for renewable implementation in the next 10 years or checking the feasibility of potential project sites.

I truly believe that the skills I am gaining while working at East Point Energy will stick with me the rest of my career. While this includes the knowledge about Python and GIS that I have gained working on my main project, it also includes the general knowledge I have gained pertaining to the electricity grid and implementation of renewable energy assets.

I am very thankful for East Point Energy and the Career Center at UVA for this opportunity and look forward to the rest of this semester/next semester continuing my work with East Point.