2019 Startup Internship Reflection: Bonumose LLC, Inusah Diallo

Internship Location: Bonumose, LLC

This semester I have had the pleasure of working as an intern at the small start-up company, Bonumose. Bonumose specializes in the development of healthy and affordable sugars using naturally occurring enzymes. My main project for the semester is the development of an easy-to-use software program that can be used in the aid of protein structure comparison.

This internship has been quite the experience for me since no one currently at Bonumose has had extensive programming experience. As such, the development of this program has been entirely independent. At first, it was kind of difficult since it was the first time, I had ever developed a software program like the one at Bonumose, as a result, there was a significant research component. Regardless, I eventually started to make significant progress in developing the program.

The program, in short, had to grab a series of protein sequences from one website (depending on user input) and then submitting the proteins sequences to another website for comparison. The program then grabs the resulting information and then integrates it into a matrix. The matrix is then outputted to an excel file for the user.

Needless to say, the creation of this program was quite a long process but an enjoyable and interesting experience. Bonumose has been an amazing company to work for and has really highlighted some interesting features of working in a technical industry.