Global Humanitarian Crises: Dilemmas, Leadership, and Action - Spring 2020 Course Offering

Dreama Johnson
Image of refugee camp

LPPS: 3295 Global Humanitarian Crisis Response

Spring 2020 | Tu/Th 3:30-4:45

Open to all years and all students

Professor Kirsten Gelsdorf

Taught by a former United Nations official with two decades of experience working in humanitarian aid, this course will look at critical questions defining global humanitarian action and policy. The inability to deliver aid inside Syria, the growth of private sector involvement in humanitarian response, the challenges of providing accountability to affected populations, the complexity of addressing migration and refugee flows, are only some of the policy questions being faced in the humanitarian aid sector. Using historical and critical analysis and case studies; the foundations, dilemmas, and operational realities of providing humanitarian aid will be explored. This class will include practical and professional assignments, as well as guest lectures from other global practitioners currently serving in crisis zones.