Meet Your PSG CPE: Maya

Year: 2nd Year

Major: Global Studies Middle Eastern Studies (hopefully!)

Hometown: Arlington, VA

Favorite Thing about Being a Career Peer Educator: I love empowering students to feel proud of their work and their goals. It can be so easy to get caught up in stress and constantly compare yourself to others. It is fulfilling to give students the affirmation that they are OK and on the right track. Additionally, I love being students’ first introduction to the Career Center. The Career Center offers such a wealth of opportunities, and helping students navigate our resources is really gratifying.

Why Public Service and Government? My identity as Israeli American sparked my interest in conflict resolution, decolonization, and social justice from a young age. Involvement in conversation and small nonprofits advocating for justice and equality for Palestinians inspired me to delve into other global and local social justice issues. More broadly, I am intellectually curious about ideas of diplomacy, language learning, and ways to create sustainable change. 

Future Plans: I hope to strengthen my French and Arabic language skills by living abroad in the future. It would be really exciting to use those languages in my future career, whether that is through the government or through a nonprofit. I believe that my language skills and concentration on studying global cultures and histories will help me facilitate healthy and sustainable transnational connections. 

Fun Fact: I love Thai food!