Leadership Development & Rotational Program Night

Naqia Zaveri

This last Thursday (09/27) students had the opportunity to meet with four major companies and learn about their unique rotational and development programs. 



Gartner is a leading research and advisory company that provides information about businesses in IT, finance, customer service/support, marketing and sales. The company has 2 rotational programs. The first ranges from 2 to 4 years and focuses on internal consulting using data analytics. The second is a business program that includes consulting, marketing, finance, and HR. The business program allows participants to transition directly into a management position upon completion. During the Q&A section Gartner mentioned that the day to day work experience involves considerable unpredictability. Furthermore, the interview process for interested applicants involves two case studies.

Positions on Handshake:

Product Client Manager Internship – Application due Oct. 1

Account Management Summer Internship – Application due Dec. 21

Market Research Summer Internship – Application due Nov. 2

Research Specialist Intern – Application due Dec. 1

Finance Internship – Application due Nov. 8

Accounting Internship – Application due Nov. 1

Business Rotational Development Internship Program – Application due Nov. 1

IT Rotational Program – Application due Nov. 2

More postings available on Handshake


M&T Bank

M&T Bank operates over 780 branches that are primarily located on the east coast. Their primary management development program has two tracks. The first track, Corporate, includes analytical, finance, marketing and HR experience. Retain, the second track, is more focused on sales and working directly with customers. Both programs are a year long and involve working in teams of 5 to complete a specific project for the bank. During the Q&A section M&T described their program as pretty structured with training taking place in a classroom setting. Interviewees should keep in mind that interviews are entirely behavioral and the company primarily looks for a culture fit when hiring.

Positions on Handshake

Retail Branch Management – Application Due Oct. 6

Marketing & Product Management – Application Due Oct. 6

Wealth & Investment Services – Application Due Oct. 7

Finance – Management Development Program – Application Due Oct. 6



SunTrust Bank primarily operates in the Southeast with over 1,400 bank branches and 2,160 ATMs. SunTrust’s rotational program consists of training in 4 major areas of sales: sales advisory, credit advisory, private financial advisory, and investment analyst. Each rotation is about 13 weeks long and the entire program takes a year to complete. In the Q&A section SunTrust mentioned that the program involves extensive travel. One of the tips that the company gives to interviewees is to be clear and concise, as well as allowing the interviewer to speak. 

Positions on Handshake

2020 Investment Banking/Capital Markets Summer Analyst – Application Due Sept. 27

2020 Private Wealth Management Associate – Application Due Sept. 29



Genworth Financial is an S&P 400 insurance company headquartered in Richmond, VA. The company has 4 different development programs that are each 12-week long summer internships. The programs focus on actuarial science, IT development, finance development, and accelerated talent and leadership. All 4 programs give participants exposure to senior leadership. During the Q&A section Genworth mentioned that their programs include training in a lot of new technologies. Potential applicants should demonstrate a willingness to learn and try new things.

Positions on Handshake:

IT Development Program Intern – Application Due Sept. 27

Actuarial Development Program Analyst – Application Due Sept. 27

Actuarial Development Program Intern – Application Due Sept. 27

Finance Development Program Intern – Application Due Sept. 27

IT Development Program Analyst – Application Due Oct. 02