Interested in a State Department Internship?

Jessica Meyers

The State Department is now accepting applications for Summer 2020! The internship application process for the State Department is fairly streamlined with all of the application process taking place on Open Opportunities, a subset of Click here to take a look at the wide variety of internships available for this coming Summer. Once you find an opportunity that sounds interesting, click 'Apply'. Here's the step by step process of the application: 

  • First, you will be asked to rank your top 3 State Department internship choices
    • The first step of the application process will ask you to select the 3 internship opportunities that you are most interested in applying to, ranked from 1st to 3rd choice. These can be any internship opportunities available through the State Department. 
    • TIP: Before starting your application, take a look at the wide variety of internships available to you! There's over 150 internships offered for this coming Summer. That's a lot!
  • Next, the application will prompt you to add professional experience and references 
    • Good news! No need to upload a resume for this application. The Open Opportunities application will simply prompt you to fill out the information necessary for your professional experiences. The information added here will build your federal resume. Not sure what a federal resume is? Check out this page and scroll down to 'Federal Resume' section. After professional experiences, it will ask you to add references. This section is technically optional, but we highly encourage everyone to fill this out. 
    • NOTE: As your filling out a federal resume, the information that it asks for is different from a typical resume. For example, they will ask you for the address of your place of work and the name of your supervisor.
    • TIP: Because you are limited to 100 characters to describe your experience, you may want to break out several experience into different roles. For example, if you are an editor and a regular writer for the Cavalier Daily, place CD in this section twice - one for Editor of CD and one for writer of CD.
  • Educational experience and your transcript follow the professional experience section
    • The app will prompt you to answer some questions about your current academic standing (including GPA) and experience. Next, it will ask you to upload a transcript, either official or unofficial. 
  • Then, it will ask about language and skills
    • This section is fairly brief. Fill in information related to your language skills and general skills as prompted
  • Finally, the statement of interest!
    • The application will prompt you to submit a statement of interest or why you're interested in seeking an internship. This is your opportunity to talk about how your coursework and other professional experiences are relevant to your top 3 internship choices
  • Review application
    • From here, you will be able to review your application and make sure all information is accurate, relevant, and detailed. 
    • TIP: Read and re-read your application materials!
  • Submit your application
    • Congrats! Your application is submitted and you're good to go.

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