2019 Parents Fund Internship Grant Reflections: Brooke Crouch

Brooke Crouch
Brooke Crouch

Internship Location: Turning Green

Journal Entry #1:

I am working at an environmental nonprofit called Turning Green right outside of San Francisco. The mission of the nonprofit is to educate, inspire, and mobilize students around environmental sustainability and climate action. Through their programs, students learn about different environmental issues and how to become more sustainable in their own lives and influence environmental change in their communities. 

Their main program is called Project Green Challenge, an online 30-day sustainability challenge that reaches more than 6,000 students every year. My primary job is rewriting the challenges to make them have a more climate action focus. I also am adding lots of information about each sustainability theme, like food, fashion, and zero waste. 

My first week was kind of crazy, because my bosses were not working in the office; they had a big fundraiser a few days after I got there so they were very busy! I did a lot of work on the fundraiser, like making gift bags and helping with the event itself. I also worked on the sustainability challenges, doing a lot of research, and rewriting the overall theme of the challenge.

In my free time, I've done a lot of hiking, biking, and exploring! I am right next to a few hiking trails, so I've done a lot of adventuring on those. There are a lot of cities close to me that I can reach biking, so I visited a lot of really cute downtowns and took a lot of cute photos! The other interns get here in a week, and I can't wait until they get here so I can go adventuring with them!

Journal Entry #2:

I have just finished my fifth week at Turning Green and it has been going really well! For the first two weeks, I was the only intern here, which was a little lonely. Now there are four of us and we have a lot of fun going on hikes, into San Francisco, and the beach. There are also really great restaurants and shops that we like to go to. There's so much to do here! The only downside is that this area is extremely expensive and my money doesn't stretch very far! 

I have been primarily focused on writing sustainability themed challenges for Turning Green's global online fall initiative, Project Green Challenge. This consists of doing a lot of research on a topic, like food or biodiversity, and synthesizing the information to make it accessible. I have also been helping to create social media content and writing blog posts and letters to various nonprofits and environmental activists. Part of my time is also spent on weekly field trips that we take to visit ethical and sustainable companies like Everyone and Annie's. We also tend to a community garden and helped plant at a local farm.

I feel like I am doing a lot of good work here, and I am sad that the internship is already more than half over! Time is really flying, partly because I am so busy and partly because I am having fun. I really like doing work that has an immediate, tangible impact instead of writing papers and taking tests just to show that I know the information. I feel needed and important, and very empowered.  I hope I can intern here again next summer!