Words of Wisdom from Pre-Health Hoos

Abigail Hoang
words of wisdom

Words of Wisdom from Pre-Health Hoos

Your own path

"Think about opportunities such as research, scribing, EMT, and volunteering." -Farah Kabir, '21 | Neuroscience | Medicine

"Don't be afraid to do something different than a friend or classmate. You have to tailor your schedule to your own unique situation, which doesn't always look like someone else's." Hannah Chung, '19 | Biochemistry | Medicine

"Don't give up your interest in a health profession because of one or two bad grades. There is always a way to get to your goal. Sometimes you have to go the road less traveled." -Julia Gilliam, '21 | African American Studies | Medicine

"Everyone's path is different! Get advice from other students: they are more than willing to help. But use that advice to make your own path." -Lauren Simonides, '21 | Public Policy & Leadership | Medicine

"Don't get overwhelmed by what you think you should be doing based on other pre-health classmates. Take your first year to explore college classes and focus on adjusting to college--there are plenty of opportunities to get 'back on track' with class and extracurriculars. You can't be a great student and succeed n classes if you're not focusing on yourself first! It will all work out." -Madison Howell, '20 | Kinesiology | Physical Therapy

"The journey may be scary at first, but as long as you stick with it and focus on your personal goals, you can achieve anything!" -Rachel Olson, '21 | Religious Studies | Medicine

"Set your own pace--just because everyone else seems like they're set on finishing their premed requirements by 3rd year and taking the MCAT then, which is great, it's okay if that isn't the right timeline for you. If medicine is something you're truly interested in, you'll know when it feels like the right time to apply to med school or take that daunting pre-requisite." -Rana Rahman, '20 | Cognitive Science - Neuroscience | Medicine

Exploring health careers

"Don't be afraid to explore health professions. There are many careers under 'Health' and try to keep an open mind about what interests you" -Nadim Barakat, '20 | Biology | Medicine

Making connections

"Take initiative and reach out to advisors to find out about opportunities and help guide yourself through the year." -Ann Mathew, '21 | Neuroscience | Medicine

"The best thing you can do to get involved with things in college is to talk to people. Create relationships with your professors and get involved with student organizations early. I tend to be pretty reserved, so that is something I've struggled with in college. Creating relationships early on can create valuable and rewarding opportunities during your time at UVA" -Connor Siggins, '21 | Sociology & Chemistry | Medicine

"Go to events, even if you don't have anyone to go with. You will get so much out of Career Center events. It's a great opportunity to network and meet like-minded students at UVA" -Divya Rengarajan, '19 | English | Medicine

"It's okay to be unsure about prehealth--you don't need to have everything figured out. Don't hesitate to ask for questions or advice--we were all in your shoes once & we're (upperclassmen, prehealth advisors, student leaders) here to help!" -Mira Sridharan, '20 | Human Biology | Medicine  

"Build connections with your professors. Don't hesitate to go and ask questions after classes or office hour. Even if you don't have specific questions, you can introduce yourself to them and tell them why you're taking their classes. This will be pivotal when it comes to writing recs" -Yayi Feng, '20 | Biology | Pharmacy


"Allow yourself to ease into college classes. A lot of first years load their schedules with challenging coursework from the start, but you have a lot more time than you think." -Brigitte Lieu, '21 | Biology & Psychology | Medicine

"Be flexible with the classes you take first year and use every opportunity to job shadow and research your health profession to see if it's a fit for you. I was dead-set on pharmacy school to the point where I overwhelmed myself with STEM courses. Sometimes filling in these requirements can feel inflexible. I wish I was more open-minded to different opportunities my first year." -Sadee Coyle, '20 | Cognitive Science | Pharmacy


"Picking a major outside of the STEM field doesn't make you weak. It's actually quite fun!!! Would recommend!!" -Grace Tabor, '21 | Biology & Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies | Medicine

"Don't feel obligated to major in Biology or Chemistry just because you're pre-health." -Lauren Ivey, '21 | Cognitive Science - Linguistics | Medicine