Holistic Health Careers

Lauren Higgins

Outside of being a traditional health provider or managerial roles on the non-clinical side, there are countless opportunities to explore in the field of holistic health. This field focuses on the concept that health is the wellbeing of the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Many times holistic health aims to treat potential imbalances in any of these categories. Those who practice holistic health believe these imbalances in any area of one’s life contributes to poor overall health and can lead to further health issues in the other fields.

This field is in no way new but has been gaining popularity in recent years. Demand for professionals in holistic health positions has increased. Some common roles you may think of with holistic health include yoga, acupuncture, or massage therapist. Other careers that can fall under the holistic health category include nutritionists, skincare specialists, guided imagery specialists, stress reduction trainers, energy practitioner, or herbal practitioner.

Current estimates mark that about 40% of Americans are already complementing their traditional western healthcare with what would be considered holistic health. Individuals who pursue a career in holistic health can expect job flexibility, the opportunity to be an entrepreneur, one-on-one or group interactions with clients, and the ability to serve others in a meaningful way.

Professionals in this field should have the skill of being able to adapt to a wide variety of needs and types of clients. The field of holistic health is very broad and allows professionals to choose their level of specificity within the services they provide.

Overall, this is a very exciting career field that is growing. Holistic health allows people interested in well-being to explore the myriad of ways they can help others achieve a balanced life.