Full-time Position Supporting the Chesapeake Research Consortium

Seshi Konu

The Chesapeake Research Consortium (CRC) is a non-profit association of seven research and education institutions around the Chesapeake Bay region. Each with a long history of research within the Chesapeake Bay and its watershed and using science to inform management, and training the workforce for science-based management.

The CRC currently seeks such an individual for a three-year appointment to provide support to the Chesapeake Bay Program partnership’s Enhance Partnering, Leadership and Management Goal Implementation Team (GIT) in Annapolis, Maryland. The team aims to improve the leadership and management of the Chesapeake Bay Program partnership and assist Bay stakeholders in building their capacity to become environmental leaders in their communities. The work of the GIT provides an innovative strategic framework necessary for Chesapeake Bay Program partners to track progress toward the goals and outcomes of the 2014 Chesapeake Bay Watershed Agreement.

The candidate selected for this position will be involved in team activities and will be responsible for organization and support of meetings, member coordination and communication, tracking progress towards identified goals and outcomes, helping to revise any management strategies and work plans for which the GIT is responsible, research and synthesis activities, and additional special projects as assigned. More information on the position can be found here.