Organizing with Impact!

Seshi Konu

Do you want to join a team of organizers for environmental sustainability? Impact is hiring college graduates to become part of The Public Interest Network. A group of organizations working to address problems our society can’t afford to ignore—from preserving irreplaceable resources like air, water, and a livable climate; to transforming vast systems of transportation and energy that were designed to meet the needs of a different century; to growing and distributing food in ways that won’t destroy the environment and threaten human health.

If you can see yourself next year organizing to make a difference for our health and environment, apply to join the Impact team. With Impact, you make a difference now. The work you do builds the power we need to win more victories and you gain the experience that other groups look for when hiring new advocates and campaign directors. If you want to talk to a current organizer before applying, fill out their info form at or contact them at