Healthcare Marketing

Lauren Higgins

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When considering industries where marketing is critical in outcomes, healthcare may not be the first industry to come to mind. Increasingly, as patients have more options available in where and how they receive their medical care, healthcare marketing is increasingly important.

A starting question is what is healthcare marketing? Healthcare marketing works to attract new patients to a health provider, health system, or health product. It is increasingly multi-faceted and incorporates various means of communication and strategies. The goal of healthcare marketing is to increase the business or usage of health services. Another aspect of healthcare marketing is continuing relationships with existing patients to ensure long term engagement.  As options such as telehealth become available, patients no longer have to rely exclusively on the physicians and services in their immediate community or locality for care. As a professional in healthcare marketing you could be working to target populations locally, regionally, or nationwide.

As healthcare moves to a value-based system, marketing can also be used strategically to improve outcomes. Campaigns promoting health and well-being among the patient population can allow for improved understanding of personal health and interventions that can improve health. Marketing connects to the business-side of health systems and therefore is measured on its success through the new patients in the system and the return-on-investment related with specific campaigns.

If you are interested in a field that is highly dynamic, creative, and business-mind oriented, healthcare marketing may be a potential field of interest. Opportunities in this field come from the public and private healthcare sectors. Private companies such as pharmaceuticals, local firms or systems, insurance, and even organizations such as Amazon use health marketers. Public organizations such as public hospitals,  the Veterans Affairs hospitals, and various non-profits use health marketing to attract their own business and to educate on the resources they have available.

Check Handshake and sites such as for open opportunities. Consider identifying Alumni through Virginia Alumni Mentoring or LinkedIn who are in the field and can give greater insight or thoughts on the field as well!