CAMD Student Spotlight: Meet Jordan

Victoria Alvarez

Jordan Richardson


Year: 4th

Major: Architecture (Concentration: Design Thinking)

Minor: Social Entrepreneurship

Hometown: Midlothian, VA


Jordan is out to improve the world around her, and she makes an impact through her art. “I try to design beautiful spaces, interfaces, and visuals that benefit the earth, the communities, and the people who interact with them. I truly believe that thoughtful and empathetic design can change the world.”


How did you get started with art? When did you know it was for you? - 


“I have been into all kinds of art and making since I was really little. I loved drawing, painting, crafting, sewing, and I played the drums for about nine years. I fell in love with the process of making and ending up with a final product that I was really proud of.”


“Coming to college and being able to take formal classes on design and architecture was a real game-changer for me. For the first time, homework didn't seem like real work, but was always something that I really enjoyed doing.”


Current involvement in the Arts:


 “…the School of Architecture has opened up endless creative opportunities for me. I have loved learning different skills in my studio courses and collaborating with my classmates on different projects and initiatives.”


“For two years I was able to serve as a mentor for third graders at The Fralin Museum of Art with the Boys and Girls Club of Central Virginia. My favorite part of my week was getting to discuss art from all over the world with them and re-create our own interpretations of them.”


“I also had the opportunity to get involved with Spectrum Theater both as a percussionist in the pit for their production of AIDA and as a painter and set designer for a few other productions.”


What inspires you? 


“I am inspired daily by my professors, my peers, and my parents. I also find a lot of inspiration from the music I listen to and the stories behind the work of some of my favorite musicians.”


“HGTV is always a constant source of inspiration as well!”


What else are you involved in at UVA?

  • President, UVA School of Architecture Student Council  
  • UVA School of Architecture Representative & Judge, University Judiciary Committee
  • Marketing Consultant, Fourth Year Trustees
  • Marketing Committee Member, Lighting of the Lawn
  • Marketing Fellow, Tom Tom Foundation

What advice would you give to other aspiring artists?


Never let anyone tell you that your art doesn’t matter or that it's a waste of time. I’ve had a lot of push back towards pursuing a career in the arts versus something that might make me more money in the future, but I have always known deep down that I am meant to create beautiful things that impact people for the rest of my life.”


Plans for the future?


“After graduation, I will hopefully get a job doing design strategy or museum exhibition design in DC or New York. After working for two years, I hope to attend graduate school in New York!”



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