2019 Morven Summer Institute

Seshi Konu
Morven Summer Institute 2017 hike, exploring its many acres, before camping out on the property.

The 2019 Morven Summer Institute is a collaborative and interdisciplinary effort to offer classes with varied pedagogical approaches. Courses will be held at the Morven Farm twenty minutes from UVA and will be offered in two blocks: Block A and Block B. Each course is worth 3-credits and spans ten days featuring features guest speakers, field trips, active group discussions, hands-on projects, cooking demos, mindfulness sessions, and even gardening.

The Morven Summer Institute offers four courses:

Block A - May 13 - May 24

PLAP 3160/GSVS 3160 Politics of Food with Paul Freedman,

SYS 4502/GSGS 3559 Sustainability & Human Needs with Garrick Louis


Block B - May 28 - June 7

ARCH 3500/GSVS 3559/ARCH 5500) Sustainable Communities with Phoebe Crisman

KINE 3400 Nutrition with Sibylle Kranz


For more information please visit the Morven Summer Institute webpage!