What Is Healthcare Administration?

Lauren Higgins

Being a healthcare administrator can mean a lot of different things depending on your department and role within an organization. Healthcare administration is an incredibly broad field of professionals who support and ensure smooth and quality operation within a hospital, health system, or organization working in health such as private organizations, non-profits or the government.

The sphere of influence an individual may have as a health administrator can immensely vary as well depending on the position. Key areas in which administrators may specialize in include Finance, Operations, Information Technology, Compliance, Patient Experience, and many more.

A healthcare administrator may be responsible for the management of a single department of physicians in a hospital or the for success of health initiatives throughout the country or globe.

Day to day duties of a health administrator may include meetings with higher level administration, administrators from other areas, team members, or providers. Depending on the current goals or initiatives of an organization, health administrators may be focused exclusively on one project, but more likely, will be overseeing many projects and generally supporting their team.

A career in this field requires the business skill and acumen to handle a highly complex and variable organization as well as compassion and empathy for others. With countless (and ever increasing) opportunities, healthcare administration could be a career path where you find professional and personal success!

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