Meet your PSG CPE: Lauren!

Lauren Higgins

Lauren Higgins


Year: 3rd

Major: Economics and Global Public Health

Minor: Business Spanish

Hometown: Richmond, Va


Goal as a CPE: I want to be a resource for students interested in navigating opportunities that fall under PSG. Entering this field can be daunting, and I hope to give students the resources and information they need to be successful in identifying what opportunities are the right fit for them. Whether it is helping build a first resume, helping identify alumni for networking, or talking about career goals I want to work with my fellow students to best serve them!

I’m specifically interested in engaging students interested in Healthcare with opportunities in the non-clinical sphere. I hope to work as a CPE to engage more students with opportunities in this area.


Connection to PSG: I have always cared about giving back in whatever way possible and I see PSG as a community of people who are looking to do just that! Personally, I have interned for VCU Health and UVA Health System. I also enjoy engaging with various organizations on Grounds and in my broader community!


Plans for the Future: Honestly, I don’t have too many plans figured out quite yet (lots of ideas). I am considering applying to graduate schools, but also probably going to apply for jobs in non-clinical health as well. Whether I’d go into a private company or a health system, also still undecided. I do plan on getting a dog after graduating and that’s exciting!


Fun Fact: When I was little I watched every single original Scooby Doo episode.