Meet Your PSG CPE: Jessie Meyers

Jessica Meyers

Year: 2nd Year

Major(s): Economics and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Hometown: Yorktown, VA

Favorite Thing about Being a Career Peer Educator: I love working with students and being able to build them up. So many people are worried about their experiences or skills 'not being important' to a recruiter. Half of being a CPE is instilling worth in people and letting them know that their work, experiences, and perspectives are valuable and important. Being able to provide that voice in such a competitive, high-pressure space is really important to me.

Why Public Service and Government?: I have always been interested in public service, advocacy work, and social issues. It started with volunteer work in high school and quickly grew to an interest in larger institutions. I was fascinated with policies role in advancing social change, so that is where my interest lies right now.

Future Plans: I'm interested in policy or economic analysis with a focus on racial, gender, and class equity and/or some form of advocacy work. Those seem different to some folks, but I am really interested in the intersection between lived experiences and policy. It's easy to lose sight of the individuals that policy affects, especially when it becomes a numbers game. I hope to engage in thoughtful analysis that genuinely reflects the conditions of communities in America and elsewhere.

Fun Fact: I met and pet Marnie the Dog! It was fabulous.


Visit Jessie in Newcomb 170 on Wednesdays from 3-5pm and Thursdays from 1-3pm!