CAMD Student Spotlight: Meet Ali

Victoria Alvarez

Ali Cheraghpour


Class of 2018

Major/Minor: Computer Science (“but my heart was with Drama”)

Hometown: Falls Church, VA



Ali, a UVA alum, found his niche through Shakespeare on the Lawn during his time here. He’s currently interested in exploring masculinity and cross culture struggle in his art and is driven to put himself out there: “I need people to see what I can do. Otherwise I’m gonna go crazy.”



How did you get started with art?


“I started acting when I was in middle school. I didn't really dive into acting as an art form until very recently! Up until that point it was just a hobby.”


Current involvement in the Arts:


“In my free time, I like to focus on my writing; I love to write screenplays. Sometimes I think that writing is my calling and not acting. I also love being an audience member. I try to go to the movie theater as often as I can.”


Ali is also cast in two plays.


Who inspires you?


“I'm inspired by my friends. Constantly. I love them.”


How did you balance school and art?


“Finding balance was super difficult. I always wanted to go 100% on one thing intermittently but I ended up being exhausted the entire time.”


“I found that in the semesters where I took a larger course load, my art was more meaningful to me. I think this happened because being busy keeps me motivated.”


Advice to other aspiring artists:


1. Hit your mark

2. Look at the other person/audience in the eye

3. Tell the truth


“Audition for Shakespeare on the Lawn's Spring show Macbeth, directed by my dearest friend Gwyneth Sholar who I love very much!”


Fun Fact:


“I'm deathly afraid of thumb wrestling”