Career Center Announcements

Weekly Fellowships Series 18-19

Mengjia Luo

Students are encouraged to attend the weekly Fellowships Series (full schedule here:

Cancer Research Opportunity at FDA, Silver Spring MD

Mengjia Luo

A fulltime position is available to join a research team working to elucidate the specific
contributions of molecular changes observed in human squamous cancers of the head and neck to cancer

AFFIRM’s 2019 Information Technology Career Workshop and Shadow Day

Mengjia Luo

The Association for Federal Information Resources Management (AFFIRM) invites University of Virginia students to the AFFIRM’s 2019 Information Technology Career Workshop and Shadow Day occurring on Friday, April 12, 2019. 

PSG Employers at the 2019 April Job and Internship Fair

Jessica Meyers

Interested in a job or internship in Public Service and Government? Check out these employers at the April Job and Internship Fair!

Exclusive Internships at The Library of Congress

 Exclusive Internships at The Library of Congress

Interested in interning in Washington, DC this summer?  The UVA Internship Placement Program offers exclusive internships for UVA students with The Library of Congress.  The deadline to apply is extended to Friday, March 22nd.

Biology Schwager Summer Research Scholarship

Christie Julien

Summer Research Scholarships are available to support Biology majors with financial need to work in a biology laboratory or at the Mountain Lake Biological Station under the direction of a Biology faculty mentor.

UVA Law School: Career Services Summer Intern

Sarah Bessey
UVA School of Law

Are you interested in law school or just want to learn more about the legal job search process? Check out this position with UVA Law's Career Services!

Opportunities at EY

Andrew Savage

Are you a second year? Are you interested in an internship in 2020?

Get Paid for An Internship in Sustainability

Christie Julien

Apply for a paid internship through the Career Center and the Environmental Resilience Institute.  Students are eligible to apply to up to 2 opportunities. The internships will be funded for $5000 during the summer.  Please note this is a full time (40 hrs a week) internship.  Participants are required to write a one page mid-internship...

Paid Internships with Conservation International!

Christie Julien

​For more than 30 years, Conservation International (CI) has been protecting nature for the benefit of all​. 

Conservation International is working to build a healthier, more prosperous and more productive planet.

They do this through s​​cience, policy and partnerships with countries, communities and companies. They employ nearly...

Elevate: Careers in Design 2019 Recap

Danielle Cormier

Rachel Yoo, Brittany Fan, Kate Kirkpatrick, and Erin Kennedy are four UVA alumni who made their way back to grounds on February 25th, 2019 to hold a panel about Careers in Design. This post is a summary of each alumni's answer to an array of questions about the field and their experiences as UVA graduates. 

Organizing with Impact!

Seshi Konu

Check out organizing jobs with Impact! A group of organizations working to address problems our society can't afford to ignore—from preserving irreplaceable resources like air, water, a livable climate, and more! 

2019 Morven Summer Institute

Seshi Konu
Morven Summer Institute 2017 hike, exploring its many acres, before camping out on the property.

The 2019 Morven Summer Institute is a collaborative and interdisciplinary effort to offer classes with varied pedagogical approaches. Courses will be held at the Morven Farm twenty minutes from UVA and will be offered in two blocks: Block A and Block B. Each course is worth 3-credits and spans ten days featuring features guest speakers, field...

Fee-for-Service Healthcare Model

Lauren Higgins

In recent years there has been increased conversation about moving the US Healthcare System away from “fee-for-service” and towards a “value-based” system. So what exactly does a “fee-for-service” system look like? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this system?  

Healthcare Marketing

Lauren Higgins

When considering industries where marketing is critical in outcomes, healthcare may not be the first industry to come to mind. Increasingly, as patients have more options available in where and how they receive their medical care, healthcare marketing is increasingly important.

Data In Healthcare

Lauren Higgins

Using data skills to improve healthcare quality and efficiency. 

Internship Placement Program Internship Spotlight: Charlottesville Free Clinic

Internship Placement Program Internship Spotlight: Charlottesville Free Clinic

Internship Placement Program Internship Spotlight: Charlottesville Free Clinic

Internship Placement Program Internship Spotlight: Wild Virginia

Internship Placement Program Internship Spotlight: Wild Virginia

Apply to the Internship Placement Program if you're interested in an opportunity to learn about sustainability, and engage in research related to sustainable practices.